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3PL SAP integration for distribution centers in Asia, Western Europe, Latin America and the North America for industrial / Consumer products line with over 2000 SKUs.


Inventory optimization lowering capital carrying costs by 30% while improving service factor to 85%.


Streamline engineering design process to reduce lead time and lower labor costs of made to order heavy machinery.


LOTS [Lean Operations thru SAP] in Tier 1 automotive supplier for Indian and Southeast Asian market.


Real time business scorecard and operational metrics for European industrial conglomerate encompassing five distinct business units.


Project management office deployed for made to order plastic machinery


EDI SAP implementation for government/consumer manufacturer with full vertical integration.


Business process mapping and restructuring prior to ASAP SAP deployment.


Change Management for LEAN initiative across 8000+ workforce and 8 plants.


Implementation of project-management and PLM at a manufacturer of power plant subsystems / systems for the chemical industry.

Fast Deployment Solutions to Resolve Complex Operational Challenges

SAP Enhancements



We understand that sometimes initial SAP implementations/upgrades don't go as desired. We have a rapid and field tested methodology to get what you want from your SAP investment.  


Step 1 -  Road Mapping

A custom designed project map that sets the stage for success by establishing scope, schedule, cost, risk management, test and training. Planning precedes everything.


Thus, it is imperative that we understand your current processes, challenges and goals. We assist in identifying your internal champions and advise you on the options. Together, we determine requirements, internal and external resources, and timelines to meet the operational objectives. Our team works with you to establish a precise design document that outlines and guides everything from start to finish. 



Step 2 – Well-Defined Phased Delivery for Risk Management

An enterprise cannot afford to stop its daily operations and fall behind on customer commitments to implement ERP enhancements.  At Aeson, we design and deliver the implementation in distinct, well defined phases. Every process and configuration change is rigidly tested and implemented in bite-sized phases instead of a huge, final deliverable.  


Our phased approach ensures continual communication and updates with internal functional and IT teams with constant monitoring of progress milestones to confirm functionality is on course and schedule.  Additionally, phased approach ensures testing and delivery of the application in chunks so that any early course correction is possible, greatly minimizing project risk, maximizing quality and ensuring that the business is not disrupted.


Step 3 - Continuous Knowledge Transfer to Ensure User Adoption

The power of SAP can only be unlocked with the functional end users have a deep understanding of their transactions and own their business processes.


Hence, we insist on working with you shoulder to shoulder throughout the entire enhancement process, facilitating frequent interaction with our functional consultants as we go transforming you into the resident expert.  Prior to project completion, we make sure you and your organization can stand on your own and take ownership of your enhanced SAP as self-sufficient users and managers who can continue automating manual processes as business needs change or develop.


Step 4 - Complete Documentation for Ongoing Reference

Prior to completing your enhancement, Aeson works with your team to develop comprehensive documentation with the design and blueprint of your changes. The documentation contains the project plan and “how-to” instructions to help remind end users of the step by step instructions to use the system. This documentation provides the ongoing reference as the application development record, users’ manual, and training resource.






Supply Chain Operations



SCM promotes competitive advantage, advances business objectives, achieves growth and ultimately satisfies your customers. It’s a process that constantly needs monitoring and always offers opportunities for improvement.


In working with client teams, we clarify supply chain priorities by bridging the gap between strategy and design ensuring successful implementation, backed by operational expertise to make the results stick.


We start with questions in order to understand your company’s strategy and its relationship with the supply chain: What inventory levels must the business achieve to be competitive? Are your performance measures appropriate for your strategy? Is the risk/reward ratio outsourcing initiatives properly quantified and strenghtening your supply chain resiliency?


Next, we typically perform a gap analysis and diagnostics on your current supply chain in order to prioritize the top areas that will deliver short- and long-term value. We focus on improving supply chain capabilities that will have the most impact for your investment and adapt people, systems and technology to support the change. 


We are here to assist you in bringing a clear and compelling vision for the future, ensure that leaders are aligned and work together to deliver results and measurable progress. 


Performance Enhancement



Companies across practically all sectors and geographies are continually challenged to do more with less and to reinvent themselves in order to remain competitive and viable in these tougher world competitive markets. Aeson excels in creating customized plans built on our industry and functional expertise, rigorous fact finding and analysis, and most importantly, focusing on what’s most important to our clients, results.


Our approach to performance enhancement produces bottom line results across various industries, company strategy, and time frames.


We work closely with management to:

  • Deliver the next level of margin improvements and build the infrastructure to sustain them.

  • Break the gridlock to accelerate opportunities that are stuck, either because of cultural rigidity, leadership constraints, or competency shortfalls

  • Establish the capabilities to drive cost out of businesses systematically and continuously, whether to fund future growth or to protect margins

  • Achieve more operational and financial flexibility to mitigate risk or strengthen competitiveness

  • Translate business strategy into operational plans and superior performance, enabling an organization to execute its strategy successfully


We help in confronting the tough issues and capturing opportunities. We believe in the value of experience across international markets with senior professionals with an average 20 years of experience in leading, managing, and consulting to businesses. This deep industry and functional expertise – combined with our pragmatism and focus on real-world outcomes help us realize our mission to help you improve yours. 

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